Main Basic Tools for Building iOS App

Smartphones have become a must-have item in the workforce, thus creating a demand for the development of applications. There are millions of iOS devices all over the world, and its popularity is ever increasing. Apple has provided high-end iOS platforms which enable developers to write superior code.

Main Basic Tools for Building iOS App


The success of an iOS development process is dependent on the tools employed throughout the process. The app development tools can be categorized into:

  1. Documentation;
  2. Debugging tools;
  3. Backend services;
  4. Inspiration and design tools;
  5. Revision control.

Research: Websites & Blogs

Future developer have to be aware regardless of how boring it sounds; they have to learn the basics of ios development.

Books, Talks, and Tutorials on

The site has amazing resources on iOS app development.

Ray Wenderlich provides high-quality programming tutorials

The site also provides great app examples.

Pttrns is a collection of design patterns, resources, and inspiration

You only have to go through the list and select those you like.

You can find a great list of iOS Tools & Resources on

Luckily, the site is updated on a daily basis.

Great blog around iOS and co. khanlou

The blogs keep you updated on the best models and views.

Great App Development Podcast the Podcast

You get to hear from well-known people in the industry on every episode.

Cocoa Controls

The lists custom controls and views for iOS and Mac OS X, helping you improve the quality of your Cocoa application with the least work possible. Efficiency is key in iOS development.

The iOS Developer Center

It has a wide selection of tools, tips, debugging tests and guides for creating apps for just about any purpose. It will make your development process a whole lot easier.

Tools: Basic Tools Required

Before you begin your journey as an app developer, there are some tools that you have to be familiar with that we have discussed below.



Mac/ MacMini

The Mac or MacMini is important since it will allow you to run Xcode, the main tool for iOS development, which is only available on the Mac or MacMini.


The Mockingbird is a prototyping tool that is available online and makes the design stage easier by allowing you to create sketches very fast.


The Xcode is the official IDE for creating iOS apps and is available online. It provides the visual layout editor that displays the UI and the code editor for writing code.

Swift Programming Language

Swift is a human-friendly programming language bundled together with Xcode. It is used to write the logic of the code editor in Xcode.

Apple Developer Program

An important program available online that allows you to publish your app on the Apple App Store thus giving users access to the app.

Tools: Design & Appearance

The first thing a user encounters when using an app is its interface which makes the design very important to for the app to succeed. Users enjoy using an app that has a pleasant appearance.


Flawless is a plugin used for iOS simulation, and it is usually bundled with the Xcode program.


Dribbble is an iPhone apps development tool available online that provides numerous attractive designs for iOS app elements.
Link to


Crayons is a plugin that is used to enhance the colors in an app. The tool can be obtained from


An aggregation of ready-to-use high-quality icons for iOS apps and is available on the website.

Cocoa Controls

A massive up-to-date database of code available on the website.


A simple tool available online that helps come up with fast mockups of an iOS app.


LiveView is a remote screen viewer available online and allows you to view your designs.



Tools: Back-End Services

In the end, the iOS app has to be linked to a server to access resources.




A Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) provided on that can be used as a server, database, or API.


Parse is a data-in-the-cloud service which can be accessed on the website.


Helios is a framework available on website. It offers an aggregation of necessary back-end services for iOS mobile app development.

Frameworks and Libraries

Third-party frameworks and libraries help reduce your development time and saves on cost and difficulty.


It is a curated list of useful Libraries sorted by category


It is a powerful audio synthesis, processing and analysis framework


It is an open-source library that assists with parsing and initializing model classes and gives a JSON response from the server.


It made Networking in Objective-C easy is a third-party iOS library that makes networking easier.


Get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, fonts and segues in Swift projects using R.swift


Visualize touches, gestures and long presses on your iPhone or iPad with COSTouchVisualizer



Tools: Testing An App

Once done with the development the next step is testing the app with provides the validation that the app does what it ought to do.


A testing framework for iOS that assists developers. It can be downloaded on the website.


Specta is a light-weight BDD framework that resembles the Kiwi framework only that it is easier to use. It can be downloaded on the website.

Test Flight

TestFlight is a tool provided by the Apple developers program that allows you to perform user acceptance testing.