How You Can Find Ideas for Mobile App

App designers are in high demand in the current market because almost every person is using the mobile app. Demand keeps on rising due to the people’s expectation that more mobile app with different designs and ideas will be created.


Even the most experienced developers struggle to come up with profitable mobile app ideas. Following are tips on how to come up with great mobile app design ideas; follow this video for more information.

Unique ways

Most of the profitable ideas are derived from daily lives and they all target to simplify the way of living. Such ideas come when they are less expected, however, if the following tip is followed, they can train your mind to see he less expected.

Look closely at yourself and reality

You should not just sit in your office as you try to generate new ideas, get out and take time to look at how real life operates. The ideas have to be based on something but not on virtual reality. For instance, seeing people how impatient they are as they wait for the train can bus can lead to an idea like: create an app that notifies the travelers when to expect the next bus.

App ideas based on a solution



Developing a solution to challenges that people face is one of the excellent ways of generating brilliant mobile app ideas. You need to identify the challenges that people face on a daily basis. If the problem can be solved through a mobile app, then you have the chance to come up with a good idea.

Enhance an existing mobile app idea

App are introduced to the market to solve people’s problems, but sometimes they fail to offer a complete solution. If you find such, it might be a great opportunity to develop an idea. This might be challenging for you, but the better side of it is that people will easily adapt.

Most popular topics

Following are some of the topics that are most discussed and it’s possible you will be inspired by reading them. as the demand for mobile rises, app development will continue to be a popular topic among the developers. New ideas are needed to keep the industry alive; creativity is paramount.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality relates to various industries such as marketing, trade, healthcare, etc. just as much as it relates to the entertainment world. It is slowly being adopted by people, and soon enough it will cover the entire world. Virtual reality gives people a chance to do practice in a virtual environment that is safe and acclimate to real-life situations.


As a result, it helps individuals overcome their fears such as public speaking. For example, people can tour virtually to South Africa.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Most the apps that we are using in the present times are using artificial intelligence and in the near feature probably 2020 all software’s will be using it. An app that uses the artificial intelligence technology is mostly integrated with Google and Microsoft interfaces of machine learning. Below is a list of apps that can help you generate application ideas:

  • Elsa which aids in the enhancement of English accent;
  • Fyle which helps to control the expenses of your business;
  • Clara was created to aid in the automation of business meetings, approval and conference hall reservations.

Augmented reality (AR)

AR results from information (text, sound, image) application using technology to the world that we are used to. The augmented reality ideas of creating apps may be executed in fields such as Tourism, restaurant, interior design, etc. It is expected that before 2020, the AR mobile apps market will hit US$3.9 billion.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This is an industry that is worth billions and its expected that by 2020 a hundred million devices will be connected to the internet. This technology may be used to create solutions to security, a system to monitor water quality, smart roads, shopping assistant apps, etc. It’s probably beneficial to all industries.

Additional tips

Here are some additional ways that can assist you to come up with brilliant mobile app design ideas.

Keep a Notebook

Do you ever forget something? Well, this is meant for you.


You should never fail to have a notebook close to you to keep a list of the generated ideas. It is normal to forget to write down about the idea while still thinking about it. Keep all the insane ideas, and once you are done, you can figure out a way to come up with a new idea. It will make sure that you do not skip anything while making the final decision.

Research Mobile App Market

This is great to be inspired especially when you are able to predict what the market will need in the future. Market research entails collecting data on android and apple apps that are currently in demand and trying to generate ideas that will be in demand in the future. The research gives developers a chance to create an app that covers a larger group of people. Its powerful in such a way that the developer will make an informed decision.

Find Ideas Online

There are so many websites that give people new ideas on app development and the main reason for doing so is to get feedback and opinions from the public. In case you come across an interesting idea, you can pick and adjust it according to the market requirements. Reddit is one of the sites that gives the best mobile app ideas.

Go crazy

Sometimes people just like the craziest or most stupid ideas. It is not only about using a lot of resources to create a complex app but also implementing ideas that people never thought could come to reality.
I hope this was helpful.

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