Errors You Make During App Development

Having developed dozens of applications I have to come to understand the several mistakes made by developers during android and IOS app development. Most developers find themselves in a frustrating situation attempting to fix the error which may sometime end any probability of succeeding.

Mistakes You Make During App Developmen
The list below entails the most common errors which developers make during IOS app development. A good startup may be killed if one is not fast enough to identify some of them. Errors diminish the confidence of a team, it’s even worse for a solo developer since it might be almost impossible for one to recover.

Here we go! The errors are not discussed in a specific pattern and therefore there are all pitfalls you should avoid. I hope this will help some of you avoid the mistakes made frequently. For more information click here to watch a video.

Bad interaction with the audience

Ignoring the target audience is one of the worst mistakes frequently made by the developers. While creating the application you have to know that the app you are creating is meant for other people so it has to meet their requirements. At no single time will you develop an app that will cater the requirements of every person. The reason being; the preference, requirements and the needs of the people vary. Therefore, it is important for you as the developer to understand the target audience. Conduct a survey and know what they want.

Identifying and understanding the target audience comes before outlining the components of the application. You should understand the kind of problems experienced by the people and the nature of the needed solution. Know how the people will want to use the app and what will make them prefer your app over the others. When all of the above is done, you will be able to develop a product that is highly needed in the market. That will be an added advantage to the developer.

Building one app “for everything”

You will get yourself in a compromising situation when you include too many features in your product. It is simpler to handle critics of missing properties of the app from several users other than so many features that one can’t handle. If the critics by the few users make sense, go ahead to make the necessary changes or improvements.

You should be focused on your target application and implement it. The focus should be on a user-friendly, uncomplicated app so that it becomes easy to test the product as soon as its done. The mobile apps are meant to create easier access to services that might take longer to access in a web browser. It’s not right for a developer to incorporate all the website materials into an IOS application.

Skipped the testing phase

The app is complete, you need to release it to the market. Is it working properly or not? The testing phase is where you will:

  1. identify the errors in the app;
  2. enhance the whole design;
  3. ensure customer satisfaction.

Executing a Poor Testing Phase

Regrettably, most of the developers do not conduct this stage properly because they want to outsource the product. Some even skip this phase and the end result is an application with multiple errors.

Mistakes happen but it’s the role of the app developer to reduce the bugs as much as possible. bearing in mind the numerous versions of mobile phones, the app needs to be tested properly if possible on all devices. Very few people will download the app if all the reviewers are complaining about bugs. The fewer the errors the better.

Forgetting about marketing

Failure to do proper marketing is one mistake that is regularly done by most app designers. Most of you think that the marketing of the app can be done as the last thing after its completion. The marketing needs to start early so that the people can stay informed and attract possible users. It will allow you to have a group of people who will download the app once it’s outsourced.

Determine the particular time to start marketing may be hard since it depends on a number of factors. But I believe that you can start marketing once you have designed some functioning features. A few screenshots and a video of how the app is operating are enough to start marketing the app. More of them to follow as the development advance.

No updates

You should perceive the mobile app design as something that is not ideal; one that requires to be improved from time to time. It is almost impossible to create an application that has no bugs and meets all the user requirements. The developer needs to understand the expectations of the users.
Errors create a bad experience for the users.

Not releasing updates
Therefore, it is important for the designer to keep on updating the up with new functionalities and fixing the errors. All the new versions should be better so as to give the user a better experience. Outsourcing the product is the beginning, you have to keep on improving the app.

An app that uses too much battery power

Most developers do the mistake of developing an app that drains the battery power too fast because it does not kill the background processes when the phone is not in use. Most of the phone batteries last less than a day. The battery will be drained even faster when the user has installed a lot of apps.
You should allow background processes unless it is absolutely important or necessary to the app. You should not allow unnecessary processes to eat up the battery of the user. Users often remove the apps that consume the phone battery. Ensure the app shuts down the processes when they are not essential.

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