7 Personal Digital Mobile Assistants

Digital mobile assistants are online applications built in the cloud in order to help you complete various tasks on the internet even better than you would do from an offline application. This article, therefore, serves to enlighten you on the top best applications that will help you pursue your intended technological dreams. Just like the 7 wonders of the world, the preferences may vary among individuals. Siri and Google now have had the biggest impact amongst these applications as they are some of the most famous. Listed below are the top most recommended digital mobile assistants based on a wide range of aspects. You should check them out!

Siri (free for iOS)




Siri app was the most famous digital mobile assistants in the 20th century. Most people use it as a reminder as it effectively allows smooth operations regardless of the number of tasks at hand. It will enable you to operate both simple and complex tasks such as texting messages and even adding punctuations to emails and messages.
You might be longing to change your voice for confidentiality reasons; this is where you need Siri since it has the power to change your voice from male to female and vice versa.

Google Assistant (free for Android & iOS)


Google assistant
There has been a wide range of debates regarding whether Google now is better than Siri since their functionality is almost similar. The digital assistant is an application that will enable you to find answers to arising issues as well as those that you care about. It will be there to provide an answer to a wide range of issues that a noble person won’t. That is, it contains a huge database on current and historical events. The more you use the application, the better it gets since you get to understand it better and the more it gets to understand you. Therefore, it will tend to provide personalized answers with regard to your preferences such as location. You may also decide to customize the application in order to receive automatic updates on particular issues.

Cortana (free for Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox)

Cortana operates similar to the Siri app but was developed by Microsoft. Siri, on the other hand, was developed by Apple Inc. Cortana operates intelligently to offer you a hand on various aspects by helping you to work across a wide range of devices and through reminders. By using this mobile assistant, you will be able to meet your commitments since reminders are based on people, place on time. It will, therefore, remind you of an event occurrence time when you set a particular date and time. Again, you will get a notification on an event based on the location you have indicated such as when you want to pick up something from a particular point. By using a photo reminder on Cortana, you will be reminded to do something once you see the photo reminder.
YouTube Video: Cortana 2.9 – Redesigned for productivity across your devices
You can check how Cortana operates from this YouTube video.


Lyra Virtual assistant (free for Android)


Lyra Virtual assistant
This digital assistant is able to listen to your question, more than anyone else would do, and provide answers and recommendations based on its natural language understanding.

Amazon Alexa (free for Android and iOS)

Are you a fan of music and advanced technology? Well, Amazon Alexa allows you to request for your favourite music using your voice other than having to press endless buttons. It is a hands-free speaker that allows you to control it using your voice. Beam technology and seven microphones have been utilized to fit the echo thus making it possible for you to make vocal commands from any point within a room. So, instead of having to ask for a song from an artist of music selector, all you have to do is speak to Amazon Alexa. You are able to ask for your favourite songs using the lyrics or even the time of album release.

Hello Alfred (free for iOS)


Hello Alfred
The application is developed to ensure that you come home happy as it enhances intuitive and personal help provided in the places you live. You will be able to request a personal home manager on a weekly basis who will be visiting your home to complete errands and to-dos. It is regarded as the best personal shopping assistant app. The personal home managers referred to as “Alfreds” are able to manage on-demand activities such as:

  • Laundry;
  • Repairs and home cleaning;
  • Pick and put away dry cleaning;
  • Stock the kitchen;
  • Breakdown and packing amazon packages.

The application also contains a record of your preferences such as what you keep in the fridge and other valuable information as taste. This allows the company even to serve you better.

Hound (free for Android and iOS)


Sometimes, it gets very tiring to keep tying letters, words, and sentences on devices in search of something. What if you can be able to feed commands on your device using your voice? You can speak to the hound and let it answer questions and tasks for you. The most unique thing about hound is that it is fast and more capable than other speech recognition apps.


The best thing about digital mobile assistants is that they can be utilized remotely whether on Android as an iOS application or both. That is, you can access and use the software from any location. Personal digital mobile assistants can perform actions depending on a series of user inputs and awareness of a particular location. Since you operate these applications online, they have the ability to collect information from other sources in order to help you to meet your requirements adequately. Such information includes retail prices, user schedules, stock prices, news, traffic congestion, weather conditions and physical location. Digital mobile assistants are the best deals to shift to. This is because they help you to handle a wide range of activities. Also, they possess an advanced nature, high level of information security and the ability to enhance personalized operations.

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